a new clothing line is now hitting VA in a big way. i got to get a little insite on the new and up comming brand Distinct nature. to see more go to there website  www.distinctnatureclothing.tumblr.com or on twitter @distinct_nature


1. Who are the creators of Distinct Nature Clothing?
DNC was created in the fall of 2010 by myself (Mannie Willis)

2. What was your inspiration to begin designing…where did it all begin?
Ive always been inspired by up and coming brands and dope gear that everyone isnt on yet (Pink Dolphin, Alife). I have a gang of Polo in my closet needed a breathe of fresh air and something people can relate to.

3. How does it feel to see others where your clothing?
It feel good to have support from your family, friends, peers and strangers. The people who i dont personally know who wear DNC lets me know that they respect and like the dope designs we release. Its also dope when you have big time artist and athletes who wear your line and like it (Wale, BIG KRIT, KC chiefs LB Jovan Belcher)

4. What does Distinct Nature mean or stand for?
1st off people need to know that the logo is a RED PANDA with that said a red panda is a rare and unique animal it looks nothing like a regular panda it looks like a mix of a fox and raccoon. You will only find it in China or Nepal that is why most Americans are so unfamiliar with this animal. Thus the name Distinct Nature came about the rarity of the animal is symbolic of the rarity of the clothes we put out and because the animal is apart of nature we tagged it on. Make sure you do your homework and look up this animal

5. Explain the motivation behind your clothing line.
the motivation behind Distinct Nature Clothing is bringing dope ideas to reality. Bringing fashion to Va, and letting people know that we will be consistent in what we release. So expect great things from us in the future

6. Where can we buy our own pieces of Distinct Nature Clothing?
you can visit our online store at http://www.dnc.bigcartel.com or visit our official tumblr at http://www.distinctnatureclothing.tumblr.com and lastly visit the Almighty Soul Crew store in Hampton, Va or visit their website at almightysoulcrew.com

7. What’s next for DNC?
The takeover is beggining, We think that we produce comfortable gear with quality material. We have a SUPER LIMITED RELEASE on September 28th at 7pm of our Loyalty Crewnecks which I feel will do good. This year we will be producing a button up, crewneck sweaters, hoodies and zip up hoodies. Also Wale will be on his Ambition Tour and DNC will be with his team on a couple tour stops. Be on the lookout for DNC gear wore by BIG KRIT and his team also